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WAITING (click for images)

“There but for the Grace of God go I”

How often have you heard or said that.

WAITING is about just that….having to leave something that was extremely precious to you for someone else to look after.

WAITING (Oxford English Dictionary. Shorter Edition 1933) Remaining in one place, stationary or quiescent, so as to be ready for some expected event

This is a new series I have started to work on after 4 years "in the wilderness"!

The work is deep, profound and very moving!


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Late in 2008 I started on a new body of works…. “MEMORY CLOTH”.

 This series extended my thoughts even beyond what I feel is possible.

I will be considering how the cloth is hung on the wall… not rigid as in the ‘traditional’

way of exhibiting, but allowing the cloth to retain a “memory” in the folds that are

free to form!

During the period of time that I have been a  “Quilt maker”, I have struggled with having to conform with the “strict rules” of quilt-making!!

Always constantly being reminded that my seams were never straight and that my points never

met perfectly and that I “should” only use the traditional cloth, cotton, to make a quilt,

I found, to my huge relief, that there was another way of expressing my emotions!

The emergence of “the Contemporary Quilt”, gave me the answers that I have always been

looking for…to be able to “do” what I wanted to do, without the constant nagging

of the traditionalists!

To have the freedom to use cloth that held the knowledge of a previous owner.

To use cloth that maybe a bit worn!

To hand stitch, but never with a perfect stitch or thread!To be able to play in the dirt

and the leaves, to colour this precious cloth!

To be able to set your own “rules”, if you really needed them!

To have the “guts” to put your strongest emotion into your work!

And, to have your work accepted by your peers, without any criticism!

My work is inspired by emotions of the environment, the world events and emotions of everyday life.

Seems that there is much to tell and no doubt I will have a lot more to say, in my quilts, in the future.